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Herb Based Alcoholic Drinks

There are many alcoholic drink that have herbs as one of the base ingredients, many are liqueurs or spirits as the flavours and aromas of herbs are a great compliment to many distilled sources. Italy seem to have the monopoly of choices, but there are many others that have stood th test of time. I have given just a little selection of some drinks that are around, most available on a worldwide basis and have secret ingredients that are closely guarded. Coming up to Christmas would be a good time to perhaps try some out as many are ideal winter warming drinks.

Herb Based Alcoholic DrinksGaspare Campari
This was created in 1860 and has over 60 secret ingredients. Defiend as an aperitif it is made from bitter herbs, fruit, alcohol and water. Made in Italy it is exported worldwide. The ingredients can be sourced from all over the world. The Campari's holds the secret recipe that has made the brand so special the world over.

Herb Based Alcoholic Drinks

This dates back to 1525 using a secret and still guarded recipe. An infusion of apricot kernel oil, burnt sugar, alcohol and seventeen herbs and fruits. It has a distinctive almond taste and is produced in Saronno in Italy.

Herb Based Alcoholic Drinks
Genepi des Alpes

This is an alcohol-based liqueur, made of sugar cane syrup, an infusion and a Genepi des Alpes spirit, with a soupcon of an infusion of an amazing 63 other herbs. There is a dry genipi maceration version the base used for this liqueur. The masses infusion of herbs and genipi spirit certain goes to provide major aromatic powers. Being a liqueur, it should be drunk straight and at room temperature or ice cold.

Herb Based Alcoholic Drinks

Japanese Choya

Choya ginseng liqueur is a herbal preparation using Korean ginseng and twelve other herbs preserved in alcohol. More of a medicinal remedy it should be served 1 x 20 ml. doses three times a day and taken before meals to give a sense of improved and enhanced well-being. This is very expensive and highly regarded in Japan for its powerful and potent properties.

Herb Based Alcoholic Drinks

Gordon's Special Dry London Gin

This is distilled to the original secret recipe. It consists of a blend of juniper berries, citrus and other rare herbs and spices which combined give Gordon’s Gin its distinctive taste and fragrant aroma.

Herb Based Alcoholic Drinks

Drambuie is Scotland's most famous liqueur and has worldwide circulation. It is made from a blend of Scotch whiskies, with the addition of heather, honey syrup and other secret herbs. It has a history of stories going back to Bonnie Prince Charlie's days in the 18th Century.

Herb Based Alcoholic Drinks

Disaronno Amaretto Originale

An almond-based liqueur, prepared from exotic herbs and fruits with apricot kernels that have been steeped. It is Italy's favourite liqueur.

Herb Based Alcoholic Drinks


Another Italian liqueur based on hazelnuts, herbs and other berries. Named after a monk called Fra Angelico, it was reported that he led the life of a recluse in the Piedmont area of Italy in the seventeeth century. The drink is perfect for cocktails.

Herb Based Alcoholic Drinks

Jagermeister Liqueur

A famous German herb liqueur which is blessed with a highly unusual flavours. It has a bittersweet taste best served ice-cold in a frozen glass. Not to everyones' taste.

Herb Based Alcoholic Drinks
Angostura Bitters

This is used for drips and dashes in cocktails and in cooking as a flavour enhancer. Champagne cocktails need this! It is sourced in Trinidad and Tobago from plants and herb extracts.

Herb Based Alcoholic Drinks


This old English alcoholic cordial was first distilled in Devon from local herbs and spices. It is meanto to be drunk with brandy as a winter warmer!


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