Saturday, 30 January 2010

Growing Herbs For Profit

Small things can turn out big. In any project, focus, perseverance and organization are the keys to success. Your hobby of planting herbs or creating an herbal garden can turn into a profitable endeavor. A number of herbal shops started small, transforming their own home as a temporary business location. The initial limitations on resources do not mean the venture will not be successful. Creativity, an open mind and determination are what you will need in order for things to fall into place. The chance of having fun while gaining more money is surely a rewarding experience.

The size of your business will determine the amount of profit you will gain. You can choose to have a small-scale or large-scale enterprise. There is an increasing demand of herbs today, so cultivating herbs can truly be a source of income. Profit can come from seeds, dried herbs and using your knowledge of herbs. These are areas you can consider when putting up your own herb business.

Selling seeds is the swiftest way for you to start your business without accumulating many expenses. Medicinal to culinary, there are a lot of herbs to choose from. If there is an herb rarely found in your area, then this is a good way to start and try to provide this product for prospective clients. For medicinal herbs, study the different kinds of herbs that will interest the people in your neighborhood. Spreading the word about your business can be a difficult task. You can ask a few friends to help your business be known to other people. Giving out fliers is another effective way of marketing your products. The best way to begin is by choosing one or two from the herb variations. Ensuring quality and affordability will be the way for you to get more customers.

Dried herb is another way for you to gain more money. There are some techniques and methods you need to familiarize yourself with. One of these is the ability to nurture and dry leaves. It is an advantage when you have an herb garden. Customers are inclined to purchase and use fresh products compared to those preserved ones in grocery stores. An innovative idea would be to sell them both fresh and dried. To start selling your herbs, dry them first then put them in airtight containers which are not transparent. Exposure to sunlight will affect the herb's quality.

Using your knowledge on herbs is also a profitable endeavor. You can start to create seminars or training locations and share your learning on the varieties of herbs and their significance in daily living. A cooking demo can teach them the different culinary functions of herbs. You will make them aware of the enhanced flavor a certain herb can provide and the right recipes to add them. In addition, an informative lecture on the medicinal properties of herbs can also be created. Health stores, community centers and churches are some of the venues you can choose from to start your herbal program.

Plenty of time is allotted when creating business with your herbs. The days spent of tolling in your garden to create quality materials, and the hours used for marketing your product and services are highly regarded. With the methods discussed, it is up to you to choose which option is suitable. In order for you to be successful, there is only one thing you have to put in mind-enjoy what you are doing. Lack of interest in any endeavor will ensure failure, so just have fun while acquiring more income.

Author: Vicky Josephino is a writer and herb garden enthusiast living just outside of Long Beach, CA. Mostly, she spends her days either buried in my laptop or tinkering the organic garden she has set up a decade ago. She says that in that time she has learned about what works (and what doesn't) as far as herb gardening is concerned. And as it goes, you can find those years of herb knowledge and experience in her free email course. She offers you great tips and techniques for growing your herb garden the right way.
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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Lowering Cholesterol By Natural Herbs

Number of people with high cholesterol is increasing day by day, because of the harmful food habits and very low physical activity. As per the statistics by; National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2005–06, National Center for Health Statistics and the NHLBI. An estimated 98.6 million adults in the United States have total blood cholesterol values of 200 mg/dL and higher, and of these about 34.4 million American adults have levels of 240 or above.

Bad food habits: Eating foods that are harmful to our good health, examples are.

  • eating fast foods,

  • oily or creamy bakery items,

  • ready to eat packed foods,

  • foods rich in fat and sugar

  • Managing cholesterol is simple

  • Lowering body weight, directly means low body fat so chance of developing high cholesterol is reduced.

  • Increasing physical activity, means burning more calories, so lowering in blood cholesterol level.

  • Strictly cutoff fat and sugar which are harmful for good health.

  • Add up soluble fibers helps eliminate digested food easily and prevents the absorption of bad cholesterols.

  • Last but very importantly; try to include cholesterol lowering herbs in the daily life with an tasteful recipe or take as medicine. For information on cholesterol natural herbs with scientific proof on the effectiveness of treatment visit

  • People now start preferring alternative medicine such as natural herbs than modern treatment, because of its (modern medicine) side effects and high cost involved.

    Also natural herbal treatment for high cholesterol has

  • Low or no side effect,

  • Possibility for a cure or effective treatment,

  • Worth for the money spent

  • Additionally over all health improvement.

  • Natural herbs for cholesterol are believed to lower blood cholesterol, additionally it nourishes liver, kidney and heart, which are behind the cause of cholesterol or may affected in long run. That means cholesterol herbs are not only useful in lowering high cholesterol, also it helps to limit or eliminate its complications such as Atherosclerosis (Hardening of arteries), Angina (Chest pain), Coronary artery disease, Heart Attack, Heart failure and Stroke (Brain attack).

    Because of the above said benefits natural herbal treatment is gaining popularity and people are attracted towards herbs for their treatments.

    Author: Thiruvelan

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