Thursday, 14 January 2010

Lowering Cholesterol By Natural Herbs

Number of people with high cholesterol is increasing day by day, because of the harmful food habits and very low physical activity. As per the statistics by; National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2005–06, National Center for Health Statistics and the NHLBI. An estimated 98.6 million adults in the United States have total blood cholesterol values of 200 mg/dL and higher, and of these about 34.4 million American adults have levels of 240 or above.

Bad food habits: Eating foods that are harmful to our good health, examples are.

  • eating fast foods,

  • oily or creamy bakery items,

  • ready to eat packed foods,

  • foods rich in fat and sugar

  • Managing cholesterol is simple

  • Lowering body weight, directly means low body fat so chance of developing high cholesterol is reduced.

  • Increasing physical activity, means burning more calories, so lowering in blood cholesterol level.

  • Strictly cutoff fat and sugar which are harmful for good health.

  • Add up soluble fibers helps eliminate digested food easily and prevents the absorption of bad cholesterols.

  • Last but very importantly; try to include cholesterol lowering herbs in the daily life with an tasteful recipe or take as medicine. For information on cholesterol natural herbs with scientific proof on the effectiveness of treatment visit

  • People now start preferring alternative medicine such as natural herbs than modern treatment, because of its (modern medicine) side effects and high cost involved.

    Also natural herbal treatment for high cholesterol has

  • Low or no side effect,

  • Possibility for a cure or effective treatment,

  • Worth for the money spent

  • Additionally over all health improvement.

  • Natural herbs for cholesterol are believed to lower blood cholesterol, additionally it nourishes liver, kidney and heart, which are behind the cause of cholesterol or may affected in long run. That means cholesterol herbs are not only useful in lowering high cholesterol, also it helps to limit or eliminate its complications such as Atherosclerosis (Hardening of arteries), Angina (Chest pain), Coronary artery disease, Heart Attack, Heart failure and Stroke (Brain attack).

    Because of the above said benefits natural herbal treatment is gaining popularity and people are attracted towards herbs for their treatments.

    Author: Thiruvelan

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