Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Basil - An Answer To Flies In The Home

Basil - An Answer To Flies In The Home

The use of herbs as a natural answer to many problems never ceases to amaze me. Already this summer flied have been a major problem, they sneak into the home and cause havoc and I just can't face the thought of using poison based fly spray to eliminate the problem.

Recently I had a Greek friend staying with me and he suggested I grow basil in containers and keep them in the house. This will keep the filed at bay he assured me as this is what he does in Greece where flies are even more of a problem.

So a few basil transplants from the garden and into some yoghurt containers and I have some indoor basil that sit proudly on my kitchen and dining room window sill. Not only that but the smell of basil is a great to have around the house as well. By the way, Don’t for one moment think that I would go to a garden centre and buy herbs when you can do this for nothing!

All the basil in place and the test was on. There were a couple of times when flies entered the rooms, but they darted out as fast as they came in. It worked a treat. Why didn’t I know about this before with all the suffering I had to go through?

It seems there is a herb answer to most things and now you know.

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