Monday, 31 August 2009

A Great Natural Medicine Site Found

A Great Natural Medicine Site FoundHerbs are natural source of medicine and the field of knowledge in this genre is endless. In some people’s eyes they wouldn’t use anything else other then herbs for remedies and cures, but where do you get advice on this massive subject? Where can you get feedback form people who have used herbs as medicine and have experience on the methods and effect they have had?

I have found a great site that is basically dedicated to herb talk and natural medicines. With a health forum which is a Google PR5 which proves it’s popularity and other sections on nutrition and recipes based on natural herbs and other foods there is a wealth of sections that can be clicked into for advice from others who have the same interest. The site has a wide and active audience and many of the topics will have very useful information on many sources of medicine that people can openly talk about. It is a site where you can register for free and it is quick and easy, then you can ask questions you may have or answer questions given by other members.

I just thought it would be a useful resource for many people reading my blog.
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