Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Herb Power - Good and Evil

Herb Power - Good and EvilIn this world of ours is a world of nature. We all life in a continuous cycle of life followed by death, it is that simple. This is nature that has control of us, we can extend that life with our knowledge and intelligence, but still millions of people don’t extend their living by using the things we know about health and well-being.

There are many things that we take for granted in nature or refuse to accept. Herbs have properties that can help countless people with illness or disease. This is a fact. Another fact is that herbs can kill if the respect is not there.

Through many thousands of years of experimentation, the deadly qualities that some herb possess have become only know to a relative few who have dedicated their lives to finding out.

Herb Power - Good and EvilThere is a power and mystic there that ties up with much witchcraft associated with it, even today in our modern scientific outlook on most things. There are still secrets of the herb that remain hidden with a select few. What before was known as magic potions remain undiscovered and still retain that title.

Mysterious mysteries of death still surround us and can only be attributed to a deadly herb potions used that are undetectable from modern forensic methods. A sinister side to herbs can be seen with this scenario, again fact. Herb Power - Good and EvilThere is a fine line between potions of death and potions of enhancements. If you look at the herbs used in athletic and sports that are also undetectable but give such an unfair advantage in many cases. Or is it unfair to use natural product to give enhance performance? Where will this all end?

The whole point is to respect the power of herbs and their uses. The word herb to many is a kind and unassuming picture, which conjures up health benefits and good natural living, but herbs also have a dark side. With this is comes equilibrium, a balanced state, but then we are looking at nature here and nature is all about balance.

Good and evil comes in all forms, even with herbs and this we must respect and try and understand and maintain our knowledge and understanding.


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