Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Home Grown Herbs - Why not?

Home Grown Herbs - Why not?Home grown herbs are something that every single household can do. It is with complete amazement that folk can trundle down to the supermarket and buy expensive herbs in plastic casing for an incredible amount of money, which is inferior in every way to the herb you can easily grown at home. Why do people do this? Even if it was as good as homegrown herbs, why pay? What’s more, your homegrown herb is on your doorstep and as fresh as you can ever get. Need I go on?

Growing herbs is the easiest thing in the world and cost absolutely nothing but time to grow.

Grow herbs in the garden, greenhouse or on an allotment. Even if you haven’t got a garden or access to an allotment, use a friend’s garden and share the produce, why not? If they were friends surely they wouldn’t object. Start some off indoors on a windowsill. It can be in the kitchen dining room, bedroom or even the bathroom. Even if you haven’t got a garden use a friends’ garden and share the produce, why not? If they were friends surely they wouldn’t object.

Home Grown Herbs - Why not?The whole point is, everyone should be growing herbs and using them in their own cooking. Maybe it’s because the trend is not to do any home cooking anymore. The need for herbs is on the decrease because of fast food, microwave culture and snacks. Is this the beginning of the end of real natural food, it is for many in high geared westernised culture that gives people everything on a plate. Convenience is the fashion and cooking is an inconvenience.

It isn’t only the wonderfully fresh and natural produce that you benefit from by home growing herbs it is the whole process of culturing nature’s process and being part of it. Your stress levels by doing this will fall and you will be the most popular person in your neighbourhood from sharing surplus stocks of herbs. The healthy pastime of gardening and consuming the produce will also be a major benefit to you and your family. And not least, your shopping bills will be that much cheaper.

In the space of just five minutes you could have prepared and planted herbs that will be produce in the bank. Herbs basically look after themselves; this is how most of them have lived wild for thousands of years. All you need to do it make sure they do not dry out, that’s it! How simple is that? You will be amazed how robust herbs are and the rewards you get for just that initial five minutes. In a short time you can laugh at other people you now see picking prepacked herbs in the supermarket.

Home Grown Herbs - Why not?This blog is just to get you thinking about the possibilities and potential that you have in you home for creating something free and healthy, not least and education for you and more importantly your children, who will remember culturing herbs and experiencing the tastes, textures and scents for the rest of their lives. How do you think I got my enthusiasm?


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