Thursday, 15 January 2009

Herbs In Containers - Five Herbs To Consider

Herbs In Containers - Five Herbs To ConsiderGrowing herbs in containers is an excellent way of saving space. They are transportable so can be brought inside for winter and easily maintained. You will also have much more control over their growth and boundaries. Container herbs are available for use for cooking if they are situated close to your kitchen door. Not all herbs take to containers, but many will absolutely thrive. Some herbs, like mint, it actually make more sense to use them.

The best herbs to use are probably the one you use most often so I have taken five different herbs that would be ideal in containers.
  • Thyme just loves a container environment and will absolutely when planted in one. It needs hardly any watering and a very small amount of maintenance.
  • Sage needs to be pinched and cut to keep it from turning woody too soon and replanted after 3-4 years as the quantity and quality of the leaves will not be as good.
  • Rosemary doesn't like too much water and occasionally likes to 'dry out' a little, again ideal when in a container controlled environment. I personally have been growing rosemary successfully in containers for years.
  • Mint needs its growth to be controlled so this is the biggest advantage for growing mint in containers. It can be used more often if it is handy. It has to be the first choice for container systems.
  • Basil likes lots of water to feed its stems and tender leaves, but can be infected with mildew it too much is given. In a container, you can avoid mildew by giving it an airy position.
Herbs In Containers - Five Herbs To ConsiderThere are many other herbs you can grow in containers, in fact some people I know love this way of gardening and have all their herbs in containers. I can clearly see the appeal, but I still like to see a mix of 'free range herbs' in borders and on the main vegetable growing areas.

Growing herb in containers is ideal for kids to start off their lifetime of gardening. Being so manageable is it a great way to educate and on top of this, the containers can be decorated to the children’s own personal design including giving the plant a name, like ‘Sammy the Sage’ or ‘Mandy the Mint’. What a fantastic pastime you will be giving them.

Whatever methods you use to grow herbs, they will benefit your health, your environment and your cooking efforts with fresh and home dried herbs all year round.

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