Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Milk Thistle - Still Being Discovered

Milk Thistle - Still Being DiscoveredMilk thistles are flowering plants coming from the daisy family. This particluar variety is native to the warmer regions of Europe including North Africa and the Middle East. It is used for health namely, liver diseases with more research being undertaken on further benefits for other ailments.

Тhe milk thistle herb is a tall, branched herb with alternate waxy leaves very much like other thistle varieties. including the national emblem of Scotland. There is a circular-shaped single flower that flowers the top of the stem, ranging from pink to purple in colour. The fruit that is produced from the milk thistle is black with a pappus.

The adverse effect of the medicinal use of milk thistle is loose stools, as silymarin has a laxative effect.

The milk thistle has beneficial effects on the liver, which greatly improve its function. It is used to treat liver cirrhosis, liver inflammation and gallbladder problems. Milk thistle produces silymarin, Silymarin has medical uses and has been used in many countries over the last 40 years. Recently milk thistle and a combination of other treatments were used to save a family from certain death from eating poisonous mushrooms.

There is still much research going on now about the dosages that is needed to have the full effect from the toxin-producing herb. It is only know right now that the doses have to be of significant volume and strength to perform well. This is still being tested and may be verified at a later date.

This is another example of another herb plants that are still not showing its full potential and understanding at this moment in time.

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