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Herbs For Hangovers - And General Advice

Herbs For Hangovers - And General AdviceHangovers are a common problem to those who over indulge with alcohol. We've all been there, throbbing head, no energy, wanting the world to end there and then. There is no silver lining having a hangover and not much you can do about it after the event. The main cure is time, but you can do things to speed up the recovery some herb related.

There are a few reasons why we have a hangover, one is that the excess alcohol has overloaded our liver. The liver is an efficient machine which processed the alcohol, but if the liver is overloaded and your liver is preoccupied with dealing with side issues such as a viral infection. The amount of alcohol being presented won't cope to completely detoxify the system as efficiently as normal - Result a hangover! Added to which, alcohol does not possess good nutrition for our bodies, therefore if you drink too much your blood sugar falls leaving you exhausted and weak.

To combat this drink plenty of water. Alcohol dehydrates the body, so try and have a good drink of water afterwards - as much as you can. This will rehydrate your system helping it to ward off toxins and prevent too many uncomfortable symptoms occurring.

If you find the room still spinning round the following morning don't do the alcohol and meal trick, i.e. a short and a cooked English breakfast. More alcohol and grease will creates more work for your liver which is already overloaded. A hot breakfast consisting of porridge will work wonders as the oats will fill up your empty stomach that is such a common factor with hangovers. This breakfast will also nourish your nervous system. Brown rice, sweet potatoes or yams are very good options for the same reasons. Green vegetables are good too but we

Fruit is good, take pineapples, they help your digestion and subsequently ease the stress on the liver. Apples are great too, if you opt for the red or orange-skinned apples they contain a variety of properties that help the liver.

Herbs For Hangovers - And General AdviceOnto herbs now, these will give your system a boost. Ginger tea is great is your feeling a a bit sick. It is easy to make by putting a level teaspoon of dried ginger into hot water. Fresh ginger tea has an even better affect. Grate some fresh ginger root and squeeze this over a cup till the liquid runs out. Top up the cup with hot water, and drink. This great drink will soothe your stomach and come to the aid of your liver.

Fennel is very good for the liver and therefore is also good remedy for hangovers. Put a few fennel seeds to your ginger tea or you could try adding some milk thistle seeds in hot water to make a tea or even adding them to your food.

Herbs For Hangovers - And General AdviceFinally, there is the simple lemon. Lemon juice in a glass of water will always help the liver to work efficiently.

There you have it, some useful information on how to help get rid of that dreaded hangover. With all this aboard, I just hope you drink sensibly and never had the need to use the remedies given.

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