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Tisane - Herbal Tea to You and Me

Tisane - Herbal Tea to You and MeHerbal tea is big business now, it has been recognised as a great substitute drink that can be enjoyed instead of other drinks, which generally pollute you body. But herb tea is not tea at all. It doesn't come from a tea bush. The only similarity is that the herb is brewed like real tea. By the way, tea is technically a herb as well!

Herbal tea is actually techincally called tisane This has been used for thousands of years for their healing properties. Today tisane is used in the same way to revive or relax the body. Many however just like the taste or as an alternative drink without caffeine.

Herbal teas that are sold in shops are defined as food not a drug. For it to be under the drug category the products has tell the customer that the product have benefits and these benefits have to be scientifically validated and proven to work. Herbal tea or Tisane has no such prove as yet.

Making a tisane is easy and the same method is used for a variety of herbs:
Allow about 1 tablespoon of fresh herb or 1 teaspoonful of dried herb per cup. Pour boiling water and leave to infuse for around 10 minutes or longer if you want a stronger flavoured drink.

For some herbs you will need to simmer for around 10 minutes, i.e. root ginger, cinnamon sticks, caraway or aniseed. I always find that the home made versions from herbs I have produced always taste better then the herb 'teabags' you can get in the supermarkets and health stores.

Tisane - Herbal Tea to You and MeI drink tisane all the time instead of the conventional tea and have found that I don’t miss the caffeine at all. It is just a case of getting in the habit, which is quite easy from key factors. They are that, I like the fresh taste, I know it is good for me and lastly, it cost me nothing as I use my own homegrown herbs.

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