Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves are known Kadipatta and Sweet Neem and are gaining recognition now not just in India where they are used in cooking. The leaves are aromatic and are used as a herb. Gently frying the curry leaves in a hot pan for half a minute or so releases the flavour as well as its aroma.

There are many more benefits that curry leaves give other than for cooking. It aids digestion and quenches your thirst if they are chopped up and added to Butter Milk (Ayran) helps with digestion and this also quenches the thirst.

For heartburn and indigestion you can make a tonic by using an electric blender and make a juice. Just by add 1 tsp of curry leaves juice with 1 tsp honey in a glass of lukewarm water and it does the trick.

Morning sickness pregnant woman can be cured by taking 1 tsp juice of curry leaves, 1 tsp honey and 1 lemon juice mixed together with water, problem solved.

Eating raw curry leaves included in salads will give you lower bad cholesterol levels and, increase good cholesterol levels.

Curry leaves have the benefit of being an antioxidant aid, helping clear the system of toxins and Diabetic have curry leaves as a friend. If taken on a regular basis it will regulate blood sugar levels. Ten leaves in the morning and ten in the evening give optimum results.

Keeping your weight down once lost is difficult for many people but add curry leaves to your daily diet helps you to do this.

A great tonic for you hair can be created with curry leave. Just take some coconut oil and add few curry leaves and fenugreek seeds to it and then heat it up, strain, after it cools this can be applied to your hair. With regular applications you will notice that you hair will have got stronger and hair loss reduced. The colour of the hair also gets darker and graying of your hair will be delayed.

Finally, curry leaves are an aid to your complexion. Curry leaf juice added to turmeric powder makes up a paste which you apply to problem areas just as pimples and scars etc. After ten minutes the paste will have stained your skin yellow. Just wash it off and follow it up by by using plain white flour to remove the staining.

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