Monday, 25 August 2008

Herbs Full Circle

Herbs have come full circle and will return time and time again as the favoured natural source of medicine

Modern medicine wouldn’t be where it is today without its herbal input..

For as long as anyone can recall we have used herbs not only for food, but as a remedy for disease, pestilence and this has had a major contribution to survival throughout all that time.

Evidence of herbal remedies dating back thousands of years across the world has been found by Archaeologists. What remained constant was the fact that so many different cultures globally actually used very similar methods. This knowledge was shared around amongst communities and passed down through generations. Eventually they were recorded in writings and now many of today's business used these roots to produce synthetic drugs. Aspirin, for instance, was created as a copy of the natural pain reliever found in willow bark.

The beauty of natural herbal cures is the lack of side effects, which is a trait in synthetic drugs. This is probably the biggest pulling factor to many people shying away from man made drugs and looking to turn full circle back to their roots for natural treatments and herbal remedies.

Some cultures of course never really diverted into other field of cures for illnesses. The Chinese have always used herbal remedies and now have turned it into huge businesses.

We find ourselves right now going back to herbal roots a natural way of life. It is now a revolution in herbal education that we are going through and with the benefit of modern technology in processing, herbal medicine has an assured place in the health of all Nations.

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