Friday, 15 August 2008

Viola Tricolour

The Viola tricolour or wild pansy as it is called is quite a beautiful plant. For the most it has been used as a model for painting and pictures. However, has been found to contain a rich source of anti-oxidants. This is excellent as an anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal remedy.

This viola tricolour based recipe is given for making a soothing cream to treat high blood pressure, indigestion, coughs and colds as well as rheumatic problems


1 cup Viola Tricolour (pounded into a pulp)
1 cup Aquerous cream
2 teaspoons vitamin E oil


Use a milk double boiling system and put the cream and the viola tricolour pulp together and stir for around 15 minutes keeping the mixture warm.

Using a fine sieve, strain the mixture through and add the vitamin E oil.

When cool place into a sterilised seal container (a screwed top bottle is ideal.) Then store in the fridge.


The cream should be applied and rubbed in frequently until the symptoms are subside. You should naturally see a doctor if the symptoms persist for any length of time.

You can also make an infusion for a bath by boiling up 4 cups worth of the flowers, including the stems, in two litres of water for 10 minutes. this can then be strained into your bath and is very good for the easing of rheumatism and general aches and pains.

These are easy to grow if you can get hold of the seeds. It is an annual plant therefore needs to be replanted in the early winter each year. They need a little attention and is possible plants in a well dug composted area. Twice weekly watering and ensure dead heads are plucked off to give a longer flowering period. You will be rewarded well with this most attractive and useful plant.

The seeds can be bought online through this site:

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