Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Herbs for High Blood Pressure

An amazing fact is that the majority of the population of this world suffer from high blood pressure. A staggering 40 million of these are Americans, due the the western lifestyle and diets which is part of their culture now

With all these people that have high blood pressure less that a quarter are receiving any treatment for it and nearly 80% aren't even aware that they have high bloody pressure! Controlling high blood pressure becomes increasingly difficult the older you get and when the age of a person reaches 60 it its even harder to control.

There are herbal remedies out there that can help high blood pressure and can make a major difference with this aliment. The types of herbs that have been proven to be affective are numerous so I have just listed a few more common herbs that would benefit.

As well as helping with the recovery of exhaustion hawthorn increases the blood flow giving a stronger contraction of the heart.exhaustion.

Olive leaf extract
Within the compound of the olive leaf there is a substance called oleuropein. for suffers that have high cholesterol, the substance promotes oxidation therefore reducing the levels of cholesterol.

One of the most well known herbs, garlic keeps blood from clotting and forming platelets. Hypertension and cholesterol suffers concerns are effectively elevated by using the garlic herb.

Quite a surprising find was the blue berry. It fights to keep down cholesterol levels and was found to be more effective than many designer drugs for reducing cholesterol levels with no side affects.

You can get all of these herbs over the counter fresh or in processed form. O just do as I do (apart from the olive leaf extract) grow your own or pick from the hedgerows.

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