Friday, 25 July 2008

Garlic - The Magic Herb

Easy to Grow and Cheap to Buy

Garlic has to be one of my favourite herbs, not just because it is easy to grow and I do, but for the many benefits it has. It is a relatively cheap food to buy, perhaps will become increasing expensive as a health food in time to come.

A Little History

The therapeutic qualities of garlic are nothing new. 6000 years ago garlic remedies were in use in India. In China the garlic herb medicine was certainly recognised as therapeutic some 3000 years ago and more recently in the 19th Century, the scientist who discovered penicillin namely, Louis Pasteur, knew of the properties garlic had for an anti-bacterial defence.

Into the 20th Century and the practice of pressed garlic to produce liquid very effective for solders wounds from turning sceptic.

It is a fact that our health can benefit from garlic but why?

To explain this you have to look at the unpleasant taste and smell that garlic gives off. this is in fact a sulphur compound called allicin and is released when the garlic is crushed or sliced. It is this that is responsible for its therapeutic qualities.

How can it help your health?

Strokes or heart disease is an increasing problem the symptoms of these are high cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Garlic is a saviour for these and lowers both the cholesterol and blood pressure levels and the symptoms of stroke and heart diseases are reduced. It is now a scientifically proven fact that garlic has the ability to do this.

In tests there was a 12 percent reduction in cholesterol levels from people who were put through a garlic based diet over a four week period. In other word, in less than a month after a garlic based diet the chances of these people getting symptoms that cause heart attacks and strokes was reduced substantially.

Not only lower cholesterol levels are reported but also the benefits of prevention of blood clots and the regular intake of garlic tablets, showed that high blood pressure and hypertension was cut by and average of 3 percent.

Putting all these factors together the benefit of a diet inclusive of garlic would effectively reduce the chances of you having a stroke by around 35 percent and heart disease by around 23 percent. these figures are quite unprecedented.

If you add the body infection defences it provides you now have a herb that has properties for health you would normally only dream of.

You don't need to be Ill

That's right, you don't need to be ill to get the benefit of garlic and it's dream properties, as the saying goes, prevention is always better than a cure.

Bad Beath?

Lastly, accounted for in history, dictates the healthy benefits of garlic and yet many are still shy of the herb from the point of it being anti-social in view of the garlic breath syndrome. There three ways to avoid this, one, eat parsley after your garlic fix, two, there are many garlic based products that do not leave you breath smelling, you can use this option. The third isn't really worth considering, that is not to eat garlic, to me that is never going to be an option.

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