Thursday, 24 July 2008

Headache Remedy - Wood Betony

Headaches, who needs them and what do you do if you have one? Take an aspirin, lie down or just put up with it? there are many options you have to try and get rid of it but many don't go for the natural way.

Wood Betony is a herb that in many herbalists opinion a great remedy for headaches. Wood Betony works on your nervous system to tone and strengthen it yet helps you a relax. In addition it cures pain and has other healing properties.

The many properties of Wood Betony is often overlooked. An energy is given off within this plant that is a perfect remedy for people who feel isolated or cut off from the world or themselves, it reconnects them.

The herb is used for head and brain injuries and therefore has an important part in effective treatment. It not only increases nervous strength and circulation but in the brain itself.

History shows that it was used, like St. John's Wort, to rid people of 'Evil Spirits". This gives us big clues about the properties of this herb plant whose leaves touch the earth with their blossoming in spring.

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