Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Herbs and Feet

Herbs and feet, there doesn't seem to be a link there but there is.

Feet are something that we overlook (forgive the pun). The only time we really think about them is if they are giving you some problems or pain. The advice here is take more care of your feet there is much more to your feet other than walking and kicking. They have properties that affect your health and need care and attention.

After a hard day at work you should try and take time out to tend to those over worked feet. Lye down and raise your feet so that they are slightly higher than you head level. Lying on a sofa with your feet on the armrest is a good example.

After this give them a massage with some body or hand cream, this will relieve stiffness and using these creams is just as good as specialist creams but cheaper.

Herbal foot baths are an excellent way of revitalising your feet. They are a cheap way of relaxing and getting rid of that tired feeling. This also has therapeutic benefits for catarrh, colds, headaches, neuralgia and toothache. Good eh! Now are you beginning to see the link between feet and herbs?

The good thing about a herb foot bath is that is it as refreshing as taking a bath but look at the time, water and energy you save by doing so and you can write blogs whilst you feet are in there.

There is a home made herbal foot bath recipe you can make which is very popular to those who know about it. More will know about it now of course.

Fresh Rosemary, Mint or Lavender Foot Bath

You can use any one of these herbs or any mixture, the soothing affect and relaxation achieved from it will be remembered for a long time. Fresh herbs are prefered but dried can be used as a substitute.

For every two litres of boiled water use a handful of fresh herbs or a table spoon of the dried herbs. Leave in the water for at least 10-15 minutes. Then strain into your foot bath or bowl. 20 minutes of soaking your feet should be enough time to get the full benefit.

Use a soft towel to dry your feet and rub in some talcum powder to finish the drying process.
The used water can then be recycled to water your pot plants or used in the garden.

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